About Thai Therapies

Thai physical therapies include massage, stretching, herbal applications, tok sen, cupping, scraping, bone setting and more. This branch of physical therapy is one of five primary branches of Thai traditional medicine.

Thai medicine has it's early origins leading back to the Reusi of Thailand. The Reusi were the cave dwelling ascetics of old who studied and practiced the natural sciences. They developed Reusi Dat Ton; the Thai yoga tradition, which we can link to the healing practices of today's Thai bodywork.

For more information about the modern historical roots of the traditions I participate in, please see: Lanna and Thai Traditional Medicine Doctor's Society.

About Thai Therapy Sessions

Every session includes reviewing you health history and current state. The treatment will be focused on the primary area of concern. Treatments are usually given on a mat on the floor, but a bed or table may be used for those with limited mobility. Sessions will be fully clothed unless there is need to work directly on the skin. Appropriate draping will be used, and clothing may be provided.

About Jessica

I am grateful to be on a path that allows me to cultivate compassion every day.

I graduated from East West College of the Healing Arts in Portland, OR in 2009 and became licensed to practice massage. I had an introductory Thai massage class there, and then I completed the course work at The Naga Center: School of Traditional Thai Medicine and Massage. I held a private practice for 10 years in Portland, OR before moving here to Big Island Hawaii in 2020.

I have been going to Thailand since the beginning. I took up the study of Thai language in order to be able to study Thai medicine as in-depth as possible. I am fortunate to be learning from both modern and old Thai medicine texts and doing translation work. I plan to continue to travel to Thailand as often as I can, to keep learning and to maintain a strong connection to my teachers, the culture and practices.

As a traditionalist, at the core of my motives, is the clarification and preservation of the roots of Thai medicine. I participate in a lineage based healing modality, and through the guidance of my teacher, these medical studies led me to Buddhadhamma. Thai medicine is founded in the Buddha's Suttas, and so I aim to uphold a practice that is in line with these teachings.